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Québec firearm registration service

Information for businesses

Definition of a firearms business

 “Firearms business” means any person, partnership or other group of persons that engages in the manufacture, assembly, purchase, sale, rental, display, repair, restoration, maintenance, alteration, storage, pawnbroking or consignment sale of firearms in Québec.

These activities must be related to unrestricted firearms, and the businesses that own them, as of January 29, 2018, also benefit from the one-year period to apply for registration.

Business-specific information to be provided when registering

In the case of a registration application by an owner who is not a natural person, such as a firearms business, it is important to provide the name of its representative.

The representative of the business is a person who can act in the name and on behalf of the business because of the functions that he or she performs or because of an authorization received for this purpose. This representative may be, for example, an owner or a manager.

The application must also include the information required to validate the identity of the owner. For an owner who is not a natural person, such as a firearms business, it may be the Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ).

Special obligation for firearms businesses

Operations monitoring table

A firearms business must establish and keep up to date a table to monitor all operations relating to firearms it owns or has in its possession in any of its establishments in the territory of Québec.

The table must include the following information with respect to each firearm that it owns or possesses:

  • Date of entry into the business, as well as date of release
  • Name and address of the person who entrusted it with the firearm, or from whom it was acquired
  • Its make, model, type, and serial number
  • Its unique firearm number and its registration number, if any
  • Name and address of the person to whom the transfer of ownership is made and, where applicable, the registration number assigned to that person's firearm

Note that there is no mandatory format (paper or electronic) for the operations monitoring table.

However, the information enumerated above must be provided.

The business must be able to provide its operations monitoring table on request.

The online service dedicated to businesses will eventually enable the automated production of the operations monitoring table.