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Questions and Answers Regarding Firearms

Does the new legislation prohibiting possession of a firearm apply to public places such as shopping centres, hospitals, airports?

These public places are not covered under the law, which prohibits possession of a firearm on certain premises of designated institutions, on school transportation and on public transportation, with the exception of taxis.

Designated institutions where the presence of firearms is prohibited:

  • preschools, elementary and secondary schools;
  • post-secondary colleges;
  • general and vocational colleges;
  • vocational training centres;
  • adult education centres;
  • universities;
  • childcare centres;
  • day care centres;
  • kindergartens;
  • school day care services.

Possession of a firearm is also prohibited on the premises where home childcare services are provided.

Regulations do, however, make provisions for exclusions and exemptions.

Are volunteers subject to the same obligations to report the information required under this law?

Volunteers who work in an institution designated by the law have only one obligation: if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a person is violating the law prohibiting possession of a firearm or if a firearm is present on the premises of such an institution, they are required to notify police immediately.

Can a person who reports a firearm be charged before the law?

A person who is acting in good faith by reporting a firearm cannot be charged before the law.

Dernière mise à jour : 29 août 2008