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Questions and Answers Regarding Firearms in the Healthcare Field

Are marital and family counsellors, social workers and other professionals (psychologists, etc.) required to report high-risk behaviour with a firearm only if they are professionals working in a designated institution?

Regardless of their place of practice, if, in the course of exercising his or her profession, a professional has reasonable grounds to believe that a person is behaving in such as way as to jeopardize the safety of that person or another person by the use of a firearm, he or she is authorized to report the behaviour to the police, and may provide the police only with such information as is required to facilitate police intervention, including information protected by professional secrecy and despite any provision binding the professional to maintain confidentiality.

This authorization becomes an obligation to report if a professional is not exercising his or her profession and, on the premises of a designated institution, has reasonable grounds to believe that a person is violating the law prohibiting possession of a firearm on the site of the institution. He or she must advise police of the situation immediately. Police must also be advised if he or she has reasonable grounds to believe that a firearm is present on the site.

Dernière mise à jour : 29 août 2008