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Crime Prevention Week

From 1 to 7 November 2020

Each year, in Québec, is being held Crime Prevention Week. The Week takes place from Sunday till Saturday during the first full week of November.

A renewed Interest from Partners

Since the early 2000s, the Ministry has given more visibility to its crime prevention activities, which has prompted partners to take a renewed interest in annual Crime Prevention Week.

The Public Safety Ministry sets aside seven days out of each year to remind the public about the importance of having a watchful community and the fact that crime prevention is an ongoing effort!

Why a Crime Prevention Week?

Crime Prevention Week targets a number of objectives:

  • raising public awareness on the importance of prevention;
  • encouraging public participation to ensure its success;
  • prompting a number of partners from municipalities, communities, police, education, health and social services, private business and the research field to take action to preserve or restore an all-around sense of security within their respective communities;
  • encouraging the organization of a host of instructional activities to benefit all those who are concerned about preventing crime.

The Origin of Crime Prevention Week

In 1983, the Ministry of the Solicitor General of Canada, along with the cooperation of the Canadians for Crime Prevention alliance, introduced National Crime Prevention Week. In Québec, events for the very first Crime Prevention Week were coordinated by the Association des services de réhabilitation sociale du Québec and the Société de criminologie du Québec. These two agencies continue to remain strongly committed to developing crime prevention initiatives and promote crime prevention through conferences and seminars.

In Québec

Over the years, the Ministry took on an increasingly more active role in organizing the annual event devoted to crime prevention and today is the principal organizer.

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Semaine de la prévention de la criminalité 2020

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