Ministère de la Sécurité publique

Ensuring a safe living environment

Statement of Citizen Services

Publication date: 2001
Latest edition: 2016

This statement details the service commitments made to customers of Ministère de la Sécurité publique, whose mission (In French) is to ensure public security in Québec in cooperation with its partners.

Services and Customers Covered in the Statement

Services for the General Public

  • Information on public safety and customer relations
  • Awareness and education on safety and crime prevention
  • Reporting and information on public safety emergencies
  • Warning systems
  • Security in courthouses and government buildings

Services for Businesses, Municipalities, and RCMs 

  • Support with drafting statements (fire or others) and annual activity reports
  • Support with drafting and revising: 
    • Fire risk coverage plans
    • Compliance statements for 911 emergency call centres

Services for Victims: Citizens, Businesses, Municipalities, and RCMs

  • Financial aid programs
  • Post-disaster emergency response
  • Consulting with aid agencies in the field

Services for Victims of Crime

  • Information shared with victims under the terms of the Act Respecting the Québec Correctional System

Services for Accused and Convicted Offenders

  • Custody, sheltering, and transportation of accused inmates and convicted offenders sentenced to less than two years
  • Assessment of convicted offenders
  • Preparation of correctional plans to safely reintegrate offenders into the community
  • Monitoring, supervision, and assistance to inmates in detention facilities and persons in open custody (probation, conditional sentences, temporary leave, parole)



Our Commitment to Our Customers

Access to Services

  • By various means
  • By adapting our services to accommodate people with disabilities


  • Serve you courteously and diligently
  • Listen to your needs


  • Direct your request
  • Provide competent support
  • Ensure clear and simple procedures

Accused and Convicted Offenders

Depending on the length of their sentence, their status, and the nature of the offense:

  • Conduct an assessment of all individuals in custody and develop a correctional plan for each person

Disaster victims: Citizens, Businesses, Municipalities and RCMs

Processing Times for Financial Aid Applications
Maximum TimeNormal Time1
Confirmation of file creation3 business days2 business days
Final processing of file (once your obligations are fulfilled) 90 days60 days

Financial aid applications must be sent to the head of financial aid for disaster victims (In French). 

1The normal processing time is based on the latest available data from April 1 to March 31 each year. It is the timeframe for three out of four cases (75%). 

Processing Time for a Complaint

We will process your complaint in 20 business days or less, once it has been received by the head of public relations. If we are unable to send you a complete and final reply within this timeframe, we will notify you and let you know when you will receive a reply. Our annual management report (In French) lists the average processing time for complaints.

MSP considers all comments and complaints of the utmost importance in its ongoing effort to improve the quality of its services.

Complaints from visitors to detention facilities must be directed to the general information or complaints departments.

Complaints about the conduct of on-duty police officers or special constables in breach of the Code of Ethics of Québec Police Officers must be addressed to Commissaire à la déontologie policière.

Complaints from the accused and convicted offenders must be addressed to Direction générale des services correctionnels (In French). Those who wish to file a complaint may do so in writing by filling out the appropriate form, which is submitted to complainants upon request by correctional staff (in open custody and detention facilities).

Your Responsibilities

To better serve you and meet our commitments, we rely on you to:

  • Respond in a timely fashion to all requests for information and related documents needed to process your application
  • Inform us quickly of any changes to your application 


We know that respect and confidentiality are important to you. In accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, MSP ensures the confidentiality of personal information entrusted to it and allows the information to be used only for legislated purposes.

Our Results Are Public

Each year, we report on the results of our commitments in our annual management report (In French).

Complaints or Comments About the Quality of Our Services

If you have a comment or complaint, you can contact us at the general information or complaints departments by phone, mail, fax, email, or in person. Any oral or written expression of dissatisfaction concerning the quality of services or programs or the behavior of employees will be treated as a complaint.

Dernière mise à jour : 06 juin 2016