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In Case of a Windstorm

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Thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornados involve heavy winds that can seriously damage property or cause death. To minimize the damage these weather events can cause, follow the recommendations below.

In Case of a Weather Warning about Violent Winds

  • Follow the prompts weather alert radio, television or on Internet.
  • Tie down or store indoors anything the wind might carry, such as garden furniture, barbecue, garbage cans or satellite dish.

Preparing for a Windstorm

  • Have your emergency kit ready.
  • Cut down and remove dead tree branches from your yard. If you have trees near electrical power lines, contact Hydro-Québec or your local power company to clear branches.
  • Check the drain around your home regularly to ensure rainwater drains away from your home.

If a Windstorm Occurs

When you’re indoors

  • Bring all family members together into a safe location such as a basement and take cover under a heavy piece of furniture. If your home does not have a basement, take cover in the bathroon.
  • Do not stand near doors or windows.
  • Do not use the elevator if you live in a highrise.
  • Do not remain in a mobile home because it can overturn in the wind.

When you’re outdoors

  • Take cover in a secure building with a sturdy roof that can withstand the force of wind and weight of snow.
  • If you are in an open area and no shelter is available, take cover under a highway overpass, in a ditch or a hollow in the ground. Lay face down on the ground and protect your head with your hands.

When the Wind Dies Down

  • Watch out for debris such as sheet metal, glass or other sharp material.
  • Never touch power lines that are on the ground or dangling. They may still be alive. Contact Hydro-Québec or your local power company to repair lines.
  • Never go into a building that has been damaged by wind.
  • Test the quality of drinking water, especially after heavy rain.

Dernière mise à jour : 08 juillet 2011