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In Case of Fire

Most home fires are the result of negligence or carelessness.

A smoke detector can save your life. Do you have at least one in your home?

Prevent Fire

  • Never leave food, especially oil, cooking on the stove unattended.
  • Use a thermostat-controlled deep fryer to fry food.
  • Keep items that smokers use out of reach of children and NEVER SMOKE IN BED.
  • Store flammable liquids such as paint and solvents away from heat sources.
  • Store gas and propane tanks OUTSIDE.

Surviving a Fire

  • CALL 911 or the fire department.
  • Use an extinguisher only if a fire is small. Ensure that you have your back to the exit and aim the extinguisher at the base of flames.
  • Close doors and windows in the room containing the fire to prevent it from spreading.
  • Do not go into a room if the door is hot to the touch.
  • Ensure that all occupants of the building exit quickly and calmly. Crawl on your hands and knees below smoke to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.
  • If fire breaks out during the night, cover yourself with blankets instead of searching for your clothes.
  • Go to your outside meeting place or to a neighbour's home. Never return inside.
  • If you are unable to exit the building, remain in the room with the door closed. Use wet cloths to seal around the door and if possible, spray water on the door.
  • Lay flat on the floor, place a wet cloth over your mouth, take up a position near a window and signal your presence when help arrives.

Once the Fire is Out

  • Do not go back into your home until you receive authorization from a qualified professional; the structure may collapse.
  • Notify your insurance company and keep all receipts for expenses you incur as a result of the fire. Additional costs you incur for meals and lodging will likely be reimbursed by your home insurance.

If you are affected by a fire, your municipality and local community organizations may provide you with critical services, such as food, clothing and temporary lodging.

Protect Yourself from Fire

  • Install a smoke detector on each floor and in each room that has a door.
  • Check the detector each month to make sure it is operating correctly and if necessary replace the battery when you reset your clock in the spring and fall.
  • Replace smoke detectors by the date indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Place a portable fire extinguisher in the kitchen, ideally an ABC extinguisher, and learn how to use it.

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