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Civil Protection Act

The object of this Act is the protection of human life and of property against disasters and other events which compromise people's safety. The Act establishes an organizational framework for the four main aspects of civil protection, namely prevention, emergency response planning, response in actual or imminent emergency situations and recovery.

The Act imposes general obligations of prudence and foresight on all citizens and requires persons whose activities or property pose a disaster risk to report the risk and implement safety measures.

Authorities at the municipal level will be asked, as part of a regional planning phase, to identify disaster risks as well as the resources available, assess the vulnerability of communities, determine safety objectives and the actions required for their achievement. Local municipalities will be given the power to declare, in the event of a disaster and on certain conditions, a local state of emergency, in which case special powers mainly aimed at protecting the life, health and physical integrity of the inhabitants of the municipality will be exercised by the local municipality, the mayor or any other person authorized for that purpose.

The responsibilities of government departments and government bodies having a role to play in civil protection matters are also defined. The role of the Minister of Public Security is to provide guidance and support in the area of civil protection. The Minister is also charged with drawing up and updating a national civil protection plan for Québec, designed, among other things, to supplement and coordinate the actions of other emergency managers.

The Act empowers the Government to declare, in the event of a disaster, a national state of emergency in all or part of the territory of Québec to protect human life, health or physical integrity. In addition, it empowers the Government to prescribe emergency preparedness standards and to grant financial help for the funding of mitigation activities, for the compensation of the costs incurred in a disaster situation or in any other situation where public safety is threatened or for the facilitating of recovery operations.

Consult the Civil Protection Act.

Dernière mise à jour : 10 février 2011