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Financial Assistance to Disaster Victims

Financial Assistance

In the event of an actual or imminent disaster that risks compromising human safety or causing property damage, you can obtain financial assistance. Individuals, businesses and communities may be eligible.

Only belongings considered to be essential are eligible for financial assistance for property damage. However, you are responsible for insuring your belongings when it is possible to do so. In other words, the government programs do not replace the coverage offered by the insurers.

Finally, financial assistance is also provided for other purposes. For example, a claim can be made for temporary shelter and deployment of emergency response measures.

Are you Eligible?

To find out whether you are eligible to financial assistance, consult our database (in French).

What Assistance do you Have the Right to Obtain?

To find out the financial assistance you could obtain, select your profile:

To Find out More

Contact our Financial Assistance to Disaster Victims Personnel

Coordinates (in French).

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